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Earthing & Grounding Sheets
S.L. (Atlanta, GA)

My first time sleeping on an Earthing sheet. Have never used any Earthing products before. But it does something, maybe not like wow.
First time laying on it, I felt tingling all over. I am sleeping very well. I don’t wake up several times anymore. It helps me keeping the inflammation in my foot at bay. Even my husband admitted that his knee did not swell up after twisting it, which it usually does. So, yes I believe there is health benefits to Earthing products.

Earthing & Grounding Sheets
donna e. (Tucson, AZ)
Sleep Well

I love my new sheet! It has made a difference in the pain I have from a broken hip 3 years ago. It also helps me sleep better and through the night.

Earthing & Grounding Sheets
Christine v. (Houston, TX)
Grounding Sheet

I was so hopeful that these would improve my sleep and decrease my joint pains but unfortunately that hasn’t happened.

Earthing & Grounding Sheets
Patricia W. (Lapeer, MI)

I had high hopes for this and I have given it a good try! It has not helped in anyway! I’m very disappointed.

Grounding & Earthing Universal Mat
Jim C. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Too nice to wear!!!

Received them a couple weeks ago but only wear in the house right now.I will re-review when I actually break down and wear them on the actual “ground) lol


These shoes are fantastic! I should have ordered a half size up though. I've been a true size 8 my whole life, but my toes are right up against the front of these shoes. I wear them very often and although they are not uncomfortable, I know they'd be absolutely perfect a half size up. Still, I don't regret buying them at all and will continue to wear them until they fall apart at which point I'll order another pair. Surprisingly, I get tons of compliments on them and questions about them; they're a great conversation starter and I may well have sold a pair or two to admirers! Cheers, Thank You and Rock on!

Still waiting for confirmation of return. Didn't fit me good.

where is my new pair?

I sent them back because they didn't fit. Loved the shoes and would really like to have my replacement pair! Please send ASAP



Two of my coworkers noticed the change of my energy, great mood, and have purchased the sheets. Now, I'm getting some for my family.


My husband looks so good in these shoes. He loves them. His foot is wide and sometimes hard to fit and these perfect!

I've not been able to ware them, wrong size when I get the right size I'll let you know.

Earthing & Grounding Sheets
rebecca b. (Spring Lake, NJ)
Bed sheet

I love my bed sheet I notice my inflammation went down tremendously:)

Earthing & Grounding Sheets
Mary S. (Monmouth, IL)
Great quality sheet

I love the feel of this sheet! I have had one of the thinner strips that went partially over the mattress but this is far superior.

Earthing & Grounding Sheets
Rita J. (Traverse City, MI)

Haven’t had time to form an opinion yet.

Very good workmanship

Were made very well but didn't fit me.

Grounding sheet

I’ve noticed many wonderful changes & would recommend this sheet

Earthing & Grounding Sheets
Christian C. (Wichita, KS)
Great service.

Will always appreciate earthing harmony! There was an address mistake on my behalf, talked to a representative and they sent my package via express shipping. Thank you, truly!

As expected

All as described

Love the look of the shoes

Failed to issue refund

I tried on the shoes in My Home. They did not fit. I mailed the shoes back the next day. It has been three weeks and still no refund. Poor customer service and probably will never get my money back. Buyer beware.

Earthing & Grounding Sheets
Customer (Tulsa, OK)

Earthing & Grounding Sheets

Earthing & Grounding Sheets
KELLIE B. (Providence, RI)
Love it!!

I love my new grounding sheet!! I have slept better since putting it on my bed!! Great investment!! Will buy more!!

Earthing & Grounding Sheets
Lisa C. (Clearfield, UT)

My back is getting better. Going to buy another sheet.

Grounding & Earthing Universal Mat
Rebecca B. (Florence, MA)
Sense of well being and forward movement

I have been using this mat for a couple of weeks, sometimes sitting on it and sometimes falling asleep on it in bed. I have noticed a greater sense of well being in terms of feeling more present and generally lighter and happier. I have also noticed that I have been making changes that I have been trying to make but hadn’t, as well as changes that have been new, healthier and spontaneous. Definitely 2 thumbs up