Outlet Checker U.S. - Detect Grounding (Type B Wall Outlets)

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This adapter is for TYPE B wall outlets which can be found in: The United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and parts of the Caribbean.

Before using your Earthing Harmony® products, you must ensure that your wall outlet and/or power strip is grounded.

Step 1: Test Your Three-Prong (U.S.) Wall Outlet
Plug the Outlet Checker into the wall outlet or power strip that you'd like to test. 

Step 2: Two Amber Lights = Grounded
When the center and right lights are illuminated together, your outlet is properly grounded. You're ready to plug in the Safety Adapter included in your order.

Other Light Combinations = Ungrounded and Unsafe
Try testing other outlets if the first one isn't grounded.

Outlet Checker U.S. - Detect Grounding (Type B Wall Outlets)

Outlet Checker U.S. - Detect Grounding (Type B Wall Outlets)


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Experience the benefits of prolonged barefoot walking while you relax or sleep. The longer you spend grounded, the better.

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Restore natural electrical balance and regulate your body's internal systems, leading to increased overall well-being.

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A regular plug socket found in the U.S. has three holes; two vertical slots and a round hole which is grounded to the Earth and does not carry electricity.

Our sheets come with a specialized cord, which features one end in the form of a round prong that is inserted into the designated grounding hole, while the other end connects to the Earthing Sheet itself via special snap connection.

Once the sheet is plugged into a socket via the cord provided, the sheet instantly becomes grounded to the Earth. The Earthing Sheet simply acts as an extension cord, bringing the Earth's energy inside and allowing you to stay grounded while you sleep — the equivalent of being barefoot outside.

Earthing sheet is designed with a dual snap connection feature, allowing you to connect the pillowcase as well. When the sheet is connected to the earth through the grounding port, this connection extends to the pillowcases, effectively grounding them as well.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to set-up and wash your Earthing Bed Sheets

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