FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Earthing: Answers to Your Most Common Questions about Earthing Products (FAQ)

Find answers to commonly asked questions about earthing sheets and other earthing products. Our comprehensive FAQ section covers topics such as the benefits of earthing, how earthing works, how to use earthing products, and how to care for them. Whether you're new to earthing or an experienced user, our FAQ section has the information you need to make the most out of your earthing experience.

What is Earthing and how do you do it?

What is Grounding and how do you do it?

What is difference between Grounding and Earthing?

How does the Grounding wire plug into the wall? Does it use electricity?

Does Grounding work on animals? Is Earthing good for dogs, cats and other indoor animals?

I don't have the third (3rd) plug (grounding) in my house. What should I do?

What is Earthing technology? How does it work?

Understanding Earthing Sheets

What are Earthing sheets made of?

How deep are your fitted Earthing sheets?

How do I wash my Earthing sheets?

Can I use an extension cord with Earthing sheets?

Can you put a regular sheet over a Grounding sheet?

Can I wear pajamas while sleeping on an earthing sheet?

Can I use an electric blanket with my Earthing sheet?

How long will these Earthing sheets last?

Understanding Earthing Barefoot Shoes

What are Earthing shoes made of?

Why barefoot shoes are better?

Do your shoes have arch support?

Can I wear socks with earthing shoes?

How do I clean my Earthing Shoes?

How long do Earthing leather shoes last?

Understanding Earthing Mat Pads

Do Earthing mats really work?

Can I use an extension cord with Earthing mat?

How can I use my Grounding mat?

Is it safe for my pet to lay on?

How should I clean my Grounding mat?

How long will this Grounding mat last?