Grounding & Earthing Barefoot Crossover Sandals for Women

Grounding crossover sandals harness the Earth's inherent healing powers, enhancing daily health and protection as you walk. Like grounding sheets, these sandals offer a natural electrical grounding effect, similar to walking barefoot outdoors, which discharges excess body voltage and stabilizes your body's natural rhythms. The design features 100% leather construction, suited for any gender with its stylish, unisex appeal. For men-specific sizing, please visit our dedicated product page. Experience the benefits of reduced inflammation and improved overall well-being with every step.

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Handcrafted with 0% synthetic materials for a pure, natural feel. Reap the daily benefits of grounding and barefoot-like walking
Honey Brown
Stone Black
Brentwood Brown
Earth Connection with Every Step
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Uncover The Restorative Healing Power of Earthing and 'Barefoot Walking'

By connecting to the continuous stream of beneficial electrons from the Earth's surface. This connection supports your body's natural healing and regenerative processes, promoting optimal health and wellness, during your daily life.
Earthing Shoes Voltage Meter Test versus Regular Rubber Soled Shoes Voltage Meter Test Image Showing That Grounding Works
Walking with barefoot shoes encourages the natural movement and alignment of your feet and lower limbs. It allows your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to work synergistically, strengthening the foot arches, improving posture, and reducing the risk of common foot ailments.

Why Walk Grounded?

Reap the amazing benefits that nature naturally provides. Prolonged grounding is especially beneficial during your daily life when your body undergoes constant barrage of environmental stressors. Embrace the incredible protective abilities that keep you resilient amidst the challenges of modern life, leaving you feeling more connected, energized and rejuvenated than ever before.
Thermographic study results of knees after being grounded earthing harmony
Free electrons from the Earth help to re-balance your body, stabilize it's bio-electrical system and fight free radicals. The stream of electrons work as anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-aging antioxidants — squelching inflammation, all day long.Thermal imaging of feet before and after 30-minute use of clinical earthing grounding system. Before image shows inflammation in right foot and left foot matching room temperature. After image shows significant improvement in circulation and inflammation.
Feel your stress melt away as the healing electrons from your Earthing Shoes work to re-establish your body's natural electrical stability and mitigate damage caused by harmful manmade EMFs.

Published research on Earthing indicates that a broad array of favorable health-related results including:

  • Better sleep
  • Eliminates or substantially reduces inflammation
  • Eliminates or substantially reduces pain
  • Improved blood flow
  • Normalizing effect on the stress hormone cortisol
  • Calming effects on the nervous system
  • Reduces blood viscosity
  • Improves glucose (blood sugar) regulation
  • Prevents calcium and bone density loss, reduces indicators of osteoporosis
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Influences thyroid gland function
  • Reduces muscle damage, accelerates recovery from strenuous exercise
  • Speeds wound healing
  • Improves immune system response to trauma and injuries
  • Normalizes muscle tension
  • Reduces frequent nighttime urination
  • Reduces PMS symptoms and hot flashes
  • Anti-aging effects

Experience the transformative power of this simple yet profound practice with each purposeful step. Each pair is made-to-order and handcrafted over a span of approximately 3 days. Keep in mind to select a snug fit, as our leather naturally molds to your feet for personalized comfort. Made entirely from natural materials, our shoes allow your feet to breathe freely, eliminating the need for socks!

      Grounding & Earthing Barefoot Crossover Slide-In Sandals for Women

      Grounding & Earthing Barefoot Crossover Slide-In Sandals for Women